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Track Record

What do people think of our opinions?

Dear CHook,
After following several analysts and newsletters for the past couple of years, and getting my head caved in a few times, I found your work putting a lot of missing pieces together, and summarizing-analysing what my observations were telling me but my brain hadn't yet figured out.  The "why nothing was as it seemed", problem with our price-managers gyrations-manipulations and speculator proclivities in our increasingly centrally planned markets.  
I don't know how you guys can crank out so much good work weekly, but I am very glad you do!  I'm afraid to tell too many people about TC, because I don't want it to stop working! (but I'm sure if that happens you'll find a way to make it work again).  Although I am  tempted just to begin my permanent exit strategy out of the markets and take my chair away from the fraudulent game of musical chairs as choreographed by our wall street-central planners,(by way of- The Automatic Earth strategy),  your work is keeping me on top of the action and away from the game when I need to be and I appreciate it. 

For the Captain;

Since a lot of writers missed completely what you didn't miss,  I've been talking to other people about your letter. They can't believe what I learned from your articles, and how much I saved...$$$ MEGA . So far 4 people joined the site and only 2 weeks later they all had to say the same thing: why didn't I know about this at least in early 2008 ? Or just a few months ago ?

All the best and you are THE MAN OF THE YEAR  in my books.

Heidi B

"Whether mining stocks build a base for a sustainable rally over the next 6-8 weeks or continue to fall, there is no point in our moping about what has already occurred. It is not a correction we have witnessed, but more like a crash, and although we’ve taken the necessary steps to neutralize our risk no matter what the market brings, I can’t guarantee you that the worst is over. Granted, there are still plenty of reputable gurus out there who are quite bullish on gold’s long-term prospects, including James Sinclair, Jim Dines, Doug Casey, Martin Weiss and your editor. But there some quite respectable bears as well, including the pseudonymous “Captain Hook.” If you’re unafraid to pursue the truth wherever it may lead, click here for the chart-heavy Captain’s trenchant analysis."

Rick Ackerman, Rick's Picks

E-Economic Newsletter
by The Mogambo Guru

"Putting words into the mouth of Captain Hook, of TreasureChests.info, I note that economic history is always boom-bust, therefore it is cyclic, and it therefore it always repeats itself. He writes 'we would like to point out that like Rome, where it was not outside forces that finally caused its demise, but the rot from within, sooner or later price managers / bankers / politicos will have wrung as much speculation out of the current population as possible, and stock markets (most equities) will ultimately collapse in price.' "

This article originally appeared at The Daily Reckoning.

Best Quotes of October 2006
John Rubino

"Captain Hook, Treasure Chests

"According to the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the combined turnover in the world's derivatives exchanges totaled USD 344 trillion during Q4 2005. No, that's not a typo, that's $344 trillion of notional value, where if one were to annualize a total, it doesn't take long to figure out the world is now trading in excess of a quadrillion worth of this paper every year. Is that a big enough bubble for you? And it goes without saying this has been a boon to the brokerages and banks that deal in these formerly exotic financial instruments, where whether you realize it or not, even if you don't participate in them directly, simply by owning a mutual fund, or a bank account for that matter, indirectly you too are captive to this trend.

"In the end then, it's important to realize derivatives and debt are all forms of phony money, designed to artificially pump up an ailing financial system. Moreover, once more people not only begin to realize this, but act on this knowledge, gold, silver, and any of the other real 'hard' currencies you care to mention will come into their own."

"Congratulations on the new site.

"The bottom line is you guys stand head and shoulders above anyone else and you're just not charging enough for the service you provide.

"No need to reply, your time is too valuable.

"Kind regards."


"I love your service and analysis and look
forward to reading each morning!

"Good luck on the new site!


Hi there;
I am just a little guy who must say, you are one amazing guy. This last article is amazing the way you have taken sophisticated concepts and reduced them for the "man in the streets'. I sure do thank you.

Your "Bees" article appearing in 321gold.com was the best summary article that I've read to date regarding commodities, shortages, peak oil, etc. The only question I might have is the possibility of a financial crash and its effects on these sets of issues. Otherwise, it was a terrific job of tying in history and the present problem.
Regards, J.V.

Wow, Dave, your projections are incredibly eye-opening. If you’re right, it makes the direction of our investments easy to determine. I’d love to ask how you can project that specific of a timeline, but I’m sure that would take a long explanation. Thanks, and keep up the good writing, you’ve made me a fan. J.C.

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