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· Decentralization Process Accelerates
· Noise to Signal Repartee
· Avoid the Pain
· The Twilight Zone - Revisited
· West World
· Elysium
· Videodrome
· A Fool and His Money
· The Most Important Number in the World
· The Tortoise and the Hare
· Monkey You
· Silver Linings Playbook
· Mr Blue Sky
· Parapeto
· The Dumb Bell Rally
· Gravity
· Achtung Baby
· Being There
· The Twilight Zone
· One Of These Days
· Groundhog Day

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· Update of the Toronto Stock Exchange and Euro 350 iShares
· Six Degrees of Separation
· Update of Oil and the AMEX Oil Index
· Toute Suite
· Update of 3 Currencies and the US Dollar Index
· US Index Open Interest Put / Call Ratios
· Thorough Update of the AMEX Gold BUGS Index
· Black Monday? Itís Possible
· Update of the S&P 500 Index
· Update of the Toronto Stock Exchange and Euro 350 iShares

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Wed, 19 Aug 15
· Trading Notes
Mon, 17 Aug 15
· The Commoditization of Everything
Wed, 12 Aug 15
· Decentralization Process Accelerates
· The Staus Quo Show
Mon, 10 Aug 15
· Update of the S&P 500 Index

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